April 2022 Newsletter

Posted on April 02, 2022 in: General News

April 2022 Newsletter

Worthy state Family, Bishops and Members,

Two things are certain, light is a great part of who we are as people of God, and the other is that it is not fun getting older. I have always looked forward to springing forward with the clock. However, this year it appears that time is playing tricks on us. If you ever get a ground hog, you might want to avoid letting him see the light, as it makes for a longer winter.

We have had success with the Fraternal Benefits nights; they are going well and we have another planned for April 28th as well. I am happy to say we have a special guest in Bishop Hying. We will be discussing the true presence in the Eucharist, the benefits of membership and how they work together to help us be and stay good Catholics. If you have a question regarding the Eucharist, please email me before April 28 and I will ask the Bishop about it during the live Event. live event to register and I hope to see you there, bring or invite all in the parish to sign on and join us.

Vivat Jesus 

Tim Nowak