December 2021 Newsletter

Posted on December 02, 2021 in: General News

December 2021 Newsletter

GA submission for December Newsletter,

Advent is surely the best time of the year as we await the Savior. I hope you are getting ready for the coming of Christ into your lives. Each year we try to set time aside to do something to prepare. The last two years, my Wife Judy and I have read the book of Luke a chapter day in the Bible. There are 24 chapters in Luke, and in doing so you and your family are preparing the way for the coming of Jesus. It has worked for us to help us look with Hope to the blessing at Christmas. I hope the idea will help you this year in some way.

I wanted to revisit the last 30 days with everyone as well, during that time we had a lot of activity across the state. Starting with October Blessed and move on to the Men of the Cross in Lacrosse, and then Women of Christ in Milwaukee, and finishing up with the St. Joseph Strong Men of Christ in Madison. As we participated in these great conferences, we were finally able to meet and be with so many people. Perhaps the length of time apart helped us to appreciate the time together.  Praying for each other and supporting the different conferences has allowed us to see the great movement of St. Joseph and the Holy Spirit. People are needing community and needing support of one another, now more than ever, may we continue to be open to all our programs and church activities as they are expressly needed.

I read something over the last two weeks that I’d like to share. We are the stones of faith that keep it strong, solid, and stable. Not just the Knights themselves, but the marriages, our participation in the sacraments and the commitment to live Holy lives.

Our history of being both charitable and united in action places us in very prominent place at this time in history. Whichever way you want to look at the end of the year and the coming of our Savior, either as new beginning or joyful ending we can be grateful and blessed. Challenged, yet again, to carry on such great traditions that were began by a parish priest on his way to sainthood. Driven to care for those less fortunate, those forgotten in our time, as this time of year just helps us to look up and see Christ everywhere. May your lives slow down so you can grow closer to one another, and then be the light you were created to be.

 Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year from our family to yours,

 Vivat Jesus

Tim Nowak