April Newsletter

Posted on April 01, 2021 in: General News

April Newsletter

Dear State Family and Brother Knights,

Hoping against hope, that your Easter season has found you looking toward spring with fresh eyes. I also love this time of year when leaves are coming on and the Lord has Risen. From Judy and I, Happy Easter.

Time has now begun to look to the last quarter of the fraternal year and as we continue to look for ways to serve the church and our fellow members of the Knights of Columbus, we plan to grow the order with each of you as partners in this effort. The insurance division of the Knights in Wisconsin and the UP are still looking to add more quality Men to our team. The opportunity to serve and provide protection is still our priority to every family in our jurisdiction. It is in the last quarter that doing more Fraternal Benefits Nights will allow for councils to engage all their parish families and get them to sign up to learn about the products and services we provide to members. In addition, it will help to add more Families to our ranks to put more manhours into all the charity and unity projects that went undone during 2020. I wish you all great success is getting good turnouts of people needing to hear our message.

Speaking of messages during lent, the second reading on the 5th Friday in Lent spoke to something that most of us have heard at least once or twice. That Abraham was not given the Father of Nations due to the law but due to the faith he had in God our Father. It is said that Faith is what gives him the hope against hope in the promise of God. I would ask you all to know that our Heavenly Father has just as much promise for each of us that he had for Abraham. The plan he has for us, is just a faith promised as it was for Abraham and knowing that will make all the difference going forward in how we change our communities and revive the church in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Each month we track how we’re doing in bringing in new members to the Knights of Columbus. But we should also track how many new activities we do that focuses on the young Fathers and Mothers in our parishes. Family is the base to our communities and parishes and with the right focus we can make the charitable actives and the fraternal activities during this time so focused that we grow who we are and what is most important. Family was most important to Abraham and is should be for us as well.

Looking for projects that support our Priest during times of low attendance such as healing masses and month rosaries can make all the difference. Bring food to your Priest or sending a card of ‘Thank You’ can give them the boost that is always welcome. I received a couple of thank you cards in the last month from someone who lost the patriarch of their family and who was feeling blessed that the process of handling the paperwork went smoothly and, with our help, seamlessly. It really helps to hear good words of encouragement. So please know that I, thank both the young and old Brothers of Membership for the good works you do each week in your councils and parishes.

Vivat Jesus,

Tim Nowak, GA