March 2021 Newsletter

Posted on February 28, 2021 in: General News

March 2021 Newsletter

Dear State Family and Brother Knights,

A look into this Lent is exciting and far less daunting to me than others. I have always associated Isolation to Lent, going into the dessert, fasting, ash and sack cloth. This year the mask is the sack cloth and the isolation has been real for quite a while. Having an Easter with Mass will be more than a welcome sight for these sore and another year older eyes. (Wishing you a fruitful Lent)

Last Tuesday we had another successful Fraternal Benefits Live Event, with more that 200 people joining via the State Zoom account. We are thankful so many could join us! Dan Purtell, Brother Knight, and Estate Attorney from Madison Wilson Law group, and Myself discussed the main issues of having and protection your assets through trust and wills as well as Life and Long-term care products. We had several questions we will try to provide answers to over the coming weeks. We will be sending out a three-question survey to those who attended, so if you were on a watch party, we may need you to let us know. You can do that by emailing me at We are looking for feedback to always upgrade these events to help recruit new members, retain existing members and engage you more fully with the thoughts of information and interaction. I consider it an honor, as do the Field Agents, to not only serve you but be part of your trusted family.

As this year continues, we with the insurance of the Knight of Columbus, are committed to growing the number of members in Wisconsin. Through engagement not only fraternal Benefits nights, but parish drives and engaging with our Priest and parish for names of people to ask to consider if now is the time to be apart of the Knights of Columbus. Please consider inviting your agent to speak at your church drive and at any local events you may have so they can help share our story. We have a great group of agents and are looking to add 10 more in the years to come. If you know of someone who you think would be a great agent, please share those names with me as well. Recruitment is all of us together, thank you to those who have already helped in so many ways.

Lastly someone asked me about the Fraternal Benefits Night and how they can help. We would recommend that you could have a pulpit announcement and then run something in your bulletin for two weeks prior to your event as well as do an email blast which would invite your whole parish to come and learn and see what the Knights of Columbus has to offer. We know this will be effective to bring awareness and opportunity to share Fr. Michael McGivney’s story. Please consider doing something new in your parish to refresh our mission.

Vivat Jesus,

Tim Nowak, GA