November Newsletter

Posted on November 01, 2020 in: General News

November Newsletter

GA, Newsletter submission November, 2020

Dear State Family,

Over the past few weeks, the Agency office has received numerous calls from all parts of the State and we are blessed to be able to help so many with their policy needs. The Agents in the State continue to look for ways to serve you in these times of difficulty. The Mission of Father McGivney burns brighter now than ever before. With his Beatifications on October 31st we feel a renewed vigor to invite more and more men and their Catholic families into the Knights of Columbus. Being a Catholic Parish Priest, Father McGivney knew that there was a need for strangers to be strangers no more but instead brothers and sisters on a mission to serve and protect one another. Being doers of the word as St. James wrote and not just hearers of the word, shows us that there is a call for us more today than ever before in our long History.

 I am looking forward to the accomplishments that our membership will achieve in the future as we fight for the values of our faith and look to further shape the parishes’ we serve. Supporting our Parish Priests should be a paramount goal for each member and every council. We know that they, our Priests, know the needs to which we should focus in order to become doers of the good we are meant to be doing. I encourage you all to make November a month of Thanksgiving with a renewed emphasis on your families. May the prayers we say around the table remind and strengthen our Holy Family’s to continue to grow and serve.

Happy Thanksgiving &

Vivat Jesus!

Tim J. Nowak, GA