November 2023 Newsletter

Posted on November 02, 2023 in: General News

November 2023 Newsletter

Submission, General Agent for October 2023

Bishops, Priest, Deacons, State Families and Membership,

My brothers and sisters in Christ greetings and Blessing from the Nowak Agency.

The month of October has a great number of Saints to inspire us and help us to conform to Christ, I had the pleasure this month to participate in the Men of the Cross in Lacrosse WI and yes I made it to the Shrine for Our Lady of Guadalupe, as I was in Adoration I prayed for two things, for all of you and for peace in our world.

As I spoke with many men at the conference, I asked them to consider joining us, with four ideas in mind. The first was to Lead in Faith, within the Knights you have a wealth of spiritual resources to help you lead others to be better men. Second, to Protect your family, top quality portfolio of insurance and retirement product backed by ethical and Catholic business practices that should give your family peace of mind. Third to serve others both local and international- that help those who need it the most. Fourth, to defend your values, Defending the Faith and Defending the Truth. The Catholic Faith is worth defending, and needs to be defended, with the Knights you never act alone. As I spoke these truths to men from around the state it made me happy to represent you and this great organization, did everyone join? NO. Did at least a few? Yes! And did we plant seeds that need watering? Absolutely.

Deep within the heart of every man is a call to live with a purpose and meaning, a call to lead, to protect and to defend. We must keep asking other to join us, to be active in the purpose of the Faith.

Worthy State Deputy John asked me what I needed help with at this time. I told him in truth, we need to teach people how to invite men better, and to give them the words to say with a sense of urgency. And also know that, the men you approach this week may be ready to leave the church for good. He may be ready to leave his family as he feels alone in his manhood. However, with that in mind we must not shy away from asking today, right now, it will save families, and men for the world that wants them to quit being there for their family and church. We must not say I will ask him next time you see him, or when you get around to it. The second thing I told WSD was I need his help reminding membership to answer the phone and invite your agent into your family. We have many agents who are trained in helping you through the process of protection, growing and giving. If no one answers the phone and no one lets them in, we will be no better than an expired warranty that didn’t get purchased before the crisis of tomorrow.

I am asking you to do me a small solid favor, let you agent get to know you, invite him into your family and introduce him to those in your close-knit circle so he can help them as well as you.


Vivat Jesus,

Tim Nowak, General Agent