An Update from your General Agent (August 2020)

Posted on August 01, 2020 in: General News

An Update from your General Agent (August 2020)

To my Fellow Brother Knights and families of Wisconsin, 

The Month of July was warm and little confusing as many of you know with the do you wear a mask, or do you not wear a mask? Can we go to church and do we have to sign up on-line and do we get our temperature taken? As I was getting my temperature taken with a gun before mass one Sunday I ask if it was set to stun or not.

It is always a challenge to get with membership during the summer months because we have so much going on with camping and sports activities and vacations. This year the agents got to add the troubles of social distancing and don’t answer the phone it is a Political ad as well. I would ask all members to please add your agents phone number to the known caller list and at least let them check in on you from month to month. With the Supreme Initiative to leave no neighbor behind we have been calling and emailing with mixed results. Here at the office we receive plenty of calls from people who say they haven't talked to their agent in a long time. We also have agents that say they can't get ahold of a lot of their membership because of phone changes. It appears the members do want us to be contacted  just by the sheer number of calls that we get into the office weekly, but it also appears that a lot of people aren't answering the phone when the phone is being dial by our agents. I have a humble request going forward as a member moves or as we stopped having home phone numbers altogether we reach out and share with our Grand Knights and Financial Secretaries our cell numbers so that in times like COVID-19 we still have a way to get ahold of each other. We still have a way to put our manpower to use for the greater good and the vision of Father McGivney. Yes, life is difficult, troubled times are not behind us but in front of us. Together with charity in our forefront and fraternity as our rear guard, we should be able to withstand these trying times.

My wife and I have been in Wisconsin for six months. We've had little to very limited contact with the outside world.  The Knights are our world. So we continue to work toward finding more good and holy men to join the ranks of our insurance agency and to bring in more members into the Knights of Columbus, to meet more and more of our Holy Priests and to enjoy the Holy places in the state of Wisconsin.  As I pray for you, I ask you to pray for me as well. I can't wait until we can Meet in person at council meetings social events and at a holy mass without masks and without fear.

Vivat  Jesus

Tim J. Nowak, General Agent