With Father McGivney, favors abound

Posted on August 01, 2020 in: General News

With Father McGivney, favors abound

Devotees testify to his powerful intercession by Gerald Korson

It was the miraculous cure of an unborn child from a life-threatening condition that cleared the way for Father Michael J. McGivney’s beatification this October, but countless others who have sought his intercession attest that he has granted them favors as well.

Among those favors reported to the Father McGivney Guild comes one from Jeffrey Hawarden, a current district deputy and past grand knight of St. Theresa’s Council 14615 in Little Egg Harbor, N.J., who said he survived a serious form of cancer last year due to the Knights of Columbus founder’s intercession.

“I was diagnosed with Stage IV head and neck cancer with a 50/50 chance of survival,” Hawarden said. “My brother Knights and I prayed daily for the intercession of Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney, asking for the good father to intervene on my behalf, asking just to be able to survive.”

The prayers gave him confidence. “I knew I was going to be okay prior to starting treatment,” he said.

After months of treatment, he got the “all clear” last October.

“God is great,” Hawarden said. “Prayers were answered.”

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