July 2023 Newsletter

Posted on July 02, 2023 in: General News

July 2023 Newsletter

Bishops, Priest and State and membership,

My brother and sister in Christ greetings and Blessing from the Nowak Agency, this month has flown by with much talk about the dry weather and the smoke-filled days. I hope you are doing well and continue to pray for rain for us and for our Canadian neighbors to the north.

If you knew a secret, would you tell anyone if you were not promised to keep between you and another person? What if it was such a cool secret that you couldn’t hold it in, what would you do? What if you believed that it could change your life and those you tell, how would you do spread it? Well today I am going to share two secrets that some of you probably already know but either forgot or just have not heard it in a long time.

I was on a flight in April and was blessed to sit by a Brother Knight and his Wife. As we started the flight me not knowing them and they not knowing me, (I know can you imagine) I had a prayer flyer from St. Bridget of Sweden that I had pick up at St. Mary’s in Menasha and was looking intently at it, and I ask them if they knew much about St. Bridget. To which I discover not only did they know of her, but they also spent the two-and-a-half-hour flight sharing with me the many wonders and promises of Christ to this wonderful faith filled Saint. What caused me the most surprise was the 15th promise of praying the rosary, which I will list below. The second was a small book that Tom gave me call the Pieta which had many prayers and many great reasons to pray more often. St. Bridget had prayed to the Lord for him to share how many blows he was given during his Passion, and her prayers were answer. Jesus appeared to her in St. Paul’s church in Rome and presented her with 15 prayers, that if prayed for a year will give you many blessing and graces. I will not be providing them all here today but would encourage anyone interest to use the internet for Good.

The second secret that I would love to share today with you is about a person who almost broke the internet, with just 5 words, (because, I said I would). I have had the opportunity to hear this person speak about those 5 words twice now and each time it inspires me to share with people just like you. Because, “I said I would” is a perfectly sensible statement, but the meaning of the statement is even better. If we want the world to be a better place, we can do it by keeping our promises, and helping to make sure that another learner does it too. Listen I know that sounds simple and all that but it is quite another thing to do it all the time when so many others do not. I have relationships with people who I know when we are talking that they are not going to do what they said they would do! I know each one of us have been hurt by both breaking our promises and someone not keeping one to us. It is the thing that if we help fix it, it can change our world, our family’s world, and our communities and the Church. I encourage you to type those 5 words into the search bar on your computer and watch the talk given by Alex Sheen, it is a social movement dedicated to the betterment of humanity please check it out.

Then once you have, as a Knight, find a way to do more Charity in the name of keeping promises. Find a way to unite within your parish who need your unity for what they are going through right now. Make your fraternity better by showing up and growing it, by a personal invitation just like the one I am guessing you got. Then asked Father over for dinner and love him as much as he loves the Church.

It is the Change we need so let’s get too it.

 Vivat Jesus,

Tim Nowak