April 2023 Newsletter

Posted on April 03, 2023 in: General News

April 2023 Newsletter

Bishops, Priests and State Membership,


Happy Easter to all of you,

I was recently reading an older article from the November 2020 Columbian magazine, The article was on the spirit of our Founder, “Well shall it be with the Knights of Columbus as an Order, if its individual members possess the spirit that dominated its founder. Genial, approachable, of kindly disposition, cheerful under reverses, profoundly sympathetic with those upon whom had fallen the heavy hand of affliction, a man of strict probity and sterling integrity in his business transaction. “

Our goal as Agency is to recruit, train and have the Highest standard of Integrity with all our agents. We are now ready to add another 6 to 7 agents this year. If you should know someone who is looking to run their own business, trade the culture of the world in for a culture of Faith first, and Family and Brotherly support please tell them about us, or just email me their names. I know this career can be rewarding and beneficial both financially and spirituality. I have many brothers that are part of the Knights of Columbus insurance that would probably say that the decision to move to employment as an agent was the best thing for them.

As we move into spring, please know that I look forward to spending time with the council that invite us to do a Fraternal Benefits in person with a field agent in your area. I am sure we will see many of you at the State convention in Green Bay, and it should be an excellent convention again this year.

Vivat Jesus!

Tim Nowak, General Agent