February 2023 Newsletter

Posted on February 02, 2023 in: General News

February 2023 Newsletter

Bishops, Priest and State and Membership,

I wanted to share with you today an article that I read this month if any of us are looking for a good start to the New Year or even a Resolution for 2023.

 “Sharing the Light”

Do not be one who opens his hands to received but shuts them when it comes to giving. Do not hesitate to give, and do not give in a grumbling mood. Do not turn away from the needy; rather, share everything with your brother, and do not say, “it is private property “, If you are a sharer in which it is imperishable, how much more so in the things that perish! Abhor all shame and whatever is not pleasing to the lord. Do not by any means neglect the commandments of the Lord, but hold fast to the traditions, neither adding nor subtracting anything. In church confess your sins, and do not come to your prayer with a guilty conscience.  Such is the way of Life… See that no man leads you astray from this Way and the Teaching, since any other teaching takes you away from God. Surely, if you are able to bear the Lord’s yoke in its entirety, you will be perfect… On the Lord’s own day, assemble in common to break bread and offer thanks; but first confess your sins so that your sacrifice may be pure. However, no one quarreling with his brother may join your meeting until they are reconciled; your sacrifice must not be defined. For we have the saying of the Lord: In every place and time offer me a pure sacrifice; for I am a mighty king, says the Lord, and my name spreads terror among the nations.  Correct one another, not in anger but in composure, as you have it in the Gospel of our Lord. Watch over your life; your lamps must not go out, nor your loins be ungirded. On the contrary, be ready. You do not know the hour in which our Lord is coming. Assemble in great numbers, intent upon what concerns your souls. From the Didache

 Let’s start with “sharing the Light”, we must not let our light go out, do not stop assembling in great numbers and be ready for we know not the hour. As members let’s grow our councils and find ways to help the church grow in mission. Let’s give to the needy and work within the parish to look to what is pleasing to the Lord.  As we work to a new year, let us share the Light, by attending meetings, having events that bring people together for the purpose of giving to the less fortunate and financially in need.

As an Agency we will continue to offer in person and virtual Fraternal benefits Nights with the goal of providing information to all parishioner for recruitment and opportunities for support of the Mission of  Blessed Father McGivney.  Here is to you and have a great year!!

Happy New Year!!

Vivat Jesus,