August 2022 Newsletter

Posted on July 31, 2022 in: General News

August 2022 Newsletter

Bishops, Priests, State Members, and Ladies

Greetings and blessing to you all. The month has been a busy start to the new Fraternal year, exciting and celebratory. Congrats to both Wisconsin and Michigan for making Circle of Honor! Wow an amazing feat. We work to do the right thing by offering our members a choice of walking with us in Catholic Fellowship by inviting them to lead the Knights into the future, to care for and guide families into authentic relationships with God, Community, and Nation. We, for years, have known the secret of Catholic fellowship, and we must share with those who feel something is missing in their world.


This month’s Columbian magazine has a great article that I would call your attention to on G.K. Chesterton, and how he viewed the world at the start of the 19th century and the two roads that we could travel as a people. One road, Catholic fellowship, which he points out the Knights offer. The other a road to pagan slavery which the world offers. He states that no other road exists, and he pointed it out while not being Catholic. Wow do we have something to offer and a story to continue to tell people when they ask, why the Knights? Why them and their families? And for what good reason should they join us? Catholic fellowship is just that simple, but entirely true. I encourage you to seek out the article and share it with those who need it.

This Month we will have another Fraternal Benefits Night live event, it will be with our guest, Director & President for the Apostolate for Family Consecration, Randy Christensen. It should be a great way to learn more about building up the domestic church. Each month we will strive to have a live event on the last Wednesday of the month at 7pm and signing up will be available through the state website and the Nowak Agency website as well. We would like to thank those who attended last month with Father Dennis Mullen, the topic was the Adoption Initiative his program was excepted as a new resolution at the state convention. What a great way to continue the mission for Life that the Knights so greatly desire for the world to view life as sacred, conception to natural death.   

Vivat Jesus